Below you can find an introduction to my favourite bands and singers. This site is under construction, so be patient when waiting for all articles to be completed.
I hope I can inspire you to give these bands and singers a chance, and hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I adore their music.

Please keep in mind these are not biographies of the bands or artists as you can find them in some resources, but my personal introductions to the band, based on my personal preferences and my own favourite albums and songs of each of these bands/artists. While doublechecking all facts I knew by heart, I actually found some information on my own favourite bands and artists that was new to me; so in a way this has been a discovery for me as well! 

Please note that most articles are without pictures, due to copyright reasons. Only self-taken pictures from concerts have been included.
You can help me further develop my website if you have self-taken pictures of the bands that you don’t mind to be used here. In that case, contact me.


Orphaned Land

Echo & The Bunnymen

The God Machine


Manic Street Preachers

The Smiths


The Connells

Heather Nova

18 Summers (previously known as Silke Bischoff)