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However, Gerrit De Feyter does not hold liability for any direct or indirect damage that is a result of the information retrieved on this website.
Should you find incorrect data in the information provided on this website, then you can contact Gerrit De Feyter via or using the contact form.

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Privacy policy

Gerrit De Feyter processes personal data as per this privacy policy. For any information, questions or remarks about the privacy policy, you can contact him via or by using the contact form.

Reasons for processing personal data
In case you contact Gerrit De Feyter using email or the contact form, he will only keep your name and email address in records, and he will not share these with any third party.

The sole purpose of keeping your name and email address in records, is to notify you via email of website updates, new performances or speeches, and new publications. In case you do not want Gerrit De Feyter to keep your name and email address in records, you can mention this is the message you send him via email or by using the contact form. Should you wish that he removes your name and email address from the records at a later time than the moment of sending an email or message using the contact form, then you can request to have your name and email address removed from the records at any time. To request this, you can send a new email or a new message using the contact form.

Legal ground(s) fort he processing
Personal data are processed based on article 6.1. [(a) permission,] of the General Data Protection Regulation.
U can withdraw permission or consent at any time by email or by using the contact form.

Retention period
Your name and email address will be held in records for as long as you do not express objection to this.

Right of access, correction, erasure, limitation, objection and tranferability of personal data
You can request at all time to Gerrit De Feyter to not keep your name and email address in records, or to modify them. For this, you can contact him via or by using the contact form.

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